CushyBerry, oh yeah.

This is our first blog post and we’re excited of what we plan to do and bring across multiple platforms.  The reason we’re doing what we’re doing is: 1. Bring applications (apps) we want/need; sure, there’s plenty out there but we strive to either be different or better. 2. We want to create an experience on your smartphone or tablet, where the app is useful (main goal) whether it’s to make ones life easier and/or just a fun app to kill five minutes.

We want to deliver quality.  Not saying others don’t do it but we don’t speak for them, that’s why we’re stating it here, woot! *wink-wink*

Now CushyBerry, the name.  Curious?  Initially, we wanted PineBerry (for multiple reasons) but imagine a berry that tasted like a pineapple, yummy!  However, that wasn’t possible because it’s a name that is already used in multiple ways, one being a hoax, so no bad ju-ju here.  Eventually, we got cushy from plum…weird right?  Funny how the dictionary/thesaurus works.  In any case, cushy means to be easy (in our case: user friendly) and it means secure.  By secure, we don’t intend on taking information from you like some creepy apps out there.
In all, that’s CushyBerry in 140 characters+.  Enjoy and stay tuned for more…a lot more to come!

-The CushyBerry Team